Everyone wants Post Malone to go on Queer Eye

We're filing this next to things that could happen.

July 24, 2018

The fab five have already headed to Kansas to start filming the latest season of Queer Eye, but a detour might be in order for the group to fab-ify a famous fan: Post Malone. The burgeoning bromance between Post and the Queer Eye cast traces it’s origins back to an inquisitive tweet by the Five’s designated self-confidence specialist Karamo Brown – along with Post Malone’s apparent lack of hygiene:

White Iverson himself showing the Queer Eye guys some props prompted them to return the favour, including style guru Jonathan Van Ness adorably silencing detractors of Post’s looks and alleged odour:

Although at least one cast member of the show clearly doesn’t think Post needs to make an appearance on Queer Eye, TMZ caught up with the rapper following his Twitter love-fest where he admitted that “I love the show. It’s hilarious. It’s a great show,” along with his wishes for the Fab Five to remake him as “a nice ’60s Austin Powers gentleman.” Groovy, baby.

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