Farewell 6ix Dad: 10 times Norm Kelly did the most during his time in office

After the controversial shrinking of City Council, Norm Kelly lost his seat to Jim Karygiannis after nearly two decades.

October 23, 2018

Oh, ex-councillor Kelly. I guess if this were a Norm-al eulogy (yeah, sorry, I had to), we’d say something like “We hardly knew ye.” But, we totally knew who you were, I mean, it was hard not to: buddy, you have the Twitter presence of a corporate meme account (both in tone and frequency), along with a determination to leech off of Drake’s success rivaled only by the likes of O.B. O’Brien and other OVO hanger-ons. You were the Toronto city councilor who “How Do You Do Fellow Kids”-ed yourself far enough into the viral stratosphere to have the guts to call yourself the “6DAD.” Well, at least one of those things isn’t true anymore.

Pictured: Norm Kelly on the campaign trail

Yep, Norm lost his ward, bringing in the end of an era. Perhaps he welcomes the loss, having more time to focus on his streetwear line or follow Drake on his current tour and help him out with all those technical issues. But we’re not here to talk about what he’ll do, we’re here to talk about what he did, which was consistently innovate and discover new ways to induce cringes and eye-rolls alike, both online and off, through a variety of misguided appropriations of youth and hip hop culture (all while using his Council-granted authority to make questionable political decisions in the background, such as voting to cut funding for homeless shelters and against Toronto’s proposed Sanctuary City designation).

We’ve decided to give Norm the send off he deserves, by compiling some of the dude’s whackest moments in a gallery – a medium as Extremely Online as the man himself – which you can view above.

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