Get caught up on all the Polaris Prize longlist nominees

Check out our playlist featuring Sloan, Weaves, Partner and Zaki Ibrahim among many others.

June 18, 2018

Canada’s Polaris prize serves not only as a consistent champion of the wide array of spectacular music coming out of our country (Juno who?), but also as a reminder of the number of diverse and unique voices that call our humble little country home. The 2018 longlist of Polaris nominees include artists  spanning an overwhelmingly varied range of artistic voices, from First Nations reserve-incubated trap (Snotty Nose Rez Kids) to chamber pop that captures the experiences of Canadian trans woman of colour (Vivek Shraya).

To help you catch up on all the great music coming out of this country (don’t worry, there’s alot!), we made a playlist showcasing songs from every longlist-nominated artist this year*. You can check out the full longlist here.

*Except for Halifax’s Booji Boys. Though they may be too punk rock for Spotify,  their Weekend Rocker LP can be rocked to this weekend (or, well, anytime) over on bandcamp. You can peep all the longlist nominees below.

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