Good dog loves the orchestra, storms the stage

What did we do to deserve dogs?

July 2, 2017

Since we can’t communicate with dogs (YET), the eternal conundrum, the ever-unanswered question that plagues humanity, is this: what kind of music do puppers like? Do good boys like trip-hop or country? Do doggos prefer noisepunk or dissonant choral music? While studies suggest dogs like reggae, until we hear it from them, how can we be sure?

This dog’s behaviour at an orchestra performance in Turkey suggests he ships classical music pretty hard. This good boy meandered across the stage mid-performance, and, much to audience’s delight, decided to curl up on the ground beside a definitely-flattered violinist.

So, there you have it: get your band together, start playing, and if your dog trots onstage to hang out, he likes it. It’s just science, folks.

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