Grey Worm from Game of Thrones is also an awesome singer

A quiet warrior with a secret set of pipes.

August 16, 2017

It’s always weird seeing your favourite TV character in a new show. It’s like seeing someone you recognize from high school years later in a different country, like living in a parallel universe. But what about when you discover they have multiple endeavours under different names?

We can’t get enough of Jacob Anderson’s Grey Worm on Game Of Thrones and are constantly praying to the old gods (and the new) for his safety. You can only imagine our surprise when we discovered that singer Raleigh Ritchie wasn’t his doppelgänger or long-lost evil twin. They were one and the same. When he’s not waging war with the Unsullied, Anderson’s laying down tracks as an up-and-comer.

His music reminds us of a poppier James Blake. And that voice… maybe the reason he speaks so infrequently on Game Of Thrones is because he’s preserving his vocal chords. 

This isn’t the only surprise Jacob had lurking for us on the internet. Fans of the YouTube channel “Game Grumps” will have noticed him playing games with Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan multiple times over the past year, with many fans asking for him to become a permanent Grump.

So can we expect to see Raleigh Ritchie headlining stadium tours in 2018? He released his first EP, The Middle Child, back in 2013 and his debut album came out last year. It begs the question: why were we not discussing this sooner? With the love everyone has for Grey Worm, you’d think we’d be hearing him on Top 40 radio by now. But for the foreseeable future, we’re okay with keeping Raleigh Ritchie our little secret.

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