Haim’s new video is a dance extravaganza

We GIF'd Haim's new video so you can learn all the moves. There WILL be a test.

June 22, 2017

The Haim sisters are back and this time they have visuals to accompany their previously released single “Want You Back.”

The sisterly trio strut down the streets (or a street in LA) for one long uncut shot and those dance moves? They remind us of ourselves when we get lost in a catchy song—we’ve been seen busting out the odd dance move—but when we get lost in the mix, we don’t look nearly as perfect and rehearsed as they do.

BUT YOU CAN! For your convenience, we’ve GIF’d their whole routine below. Practice makes perfect. Haim’s new album, Something to Tell You, is out until July 7th, and you will be tested.

Get your head bobbing, MJ style

Then start skipping

Time to strut

Shimmy shimmy ya

Elaine from Seinfeld goes line dancing

(Insert Phil Collins Drum Solo Fill Here)

Now walk it out

Keep strutting, you’re almost there!

Swaaaaay with it

Make it look like the waiter messed up your order and you’re done!

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