Halsey claps back at a fan who called her a bad feminist

The comment section trolls strike again.

August 24, 2017

Things are, quite indisputably, going great for Halsey. Her sophomore album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, elevated the New Jersey-born singer to pop’s upper tier, and for good reason—it’s an R&B tinged revelation, part breakup album, part ode to liberation, part high-minded concept album. And the accolades have followed: She’s spending the fall touring with Charli XCX. The Leonardo DiCaprio-inspired “Bad At Love” is poised to be a giant fall anthem. And in June, Hopeless hit No. 1, making Halsey the first woman in 2017 to top Billboard’s charts.

So, it should come as no surprise that Playboy decided to make her a cover star, pairing a photoshoot with an interview that hailed her—correctly, we might add—as “the queen of New Americana.”  Halsey, naturally, was stoked, and took to Instagram to post a photo of the magazine.

Not-so-covered cover girl

A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey) on

Pretty dope, right? But it didn’t take long for someone to harsh her buzz in (where else?) the comments to her photo. Most of her fans celebrated her appearance in Playboy and Flaunt. But one dude decided to mansplain the contradiction of being a feminist who appears in Playboy. Cue up that eyeroll, m’lady.

“You are a feminist but you flash your boobs in Playboy magazine,” puzzled emoji user timurmengli wrote.

But Halsey ain’t taking that shit. Nor should she. And in her next Instagram post, she responded.

Tell ’em, Halsey. Do we even need to discuss this any further?

In other news: Her interview with Playboy, where she discusses her giant donation to Planned Parenthood, the spectre of appearing on “Closer,” and being a white-passing biracial woman, is totally worth a read.

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