Hayley Williams opens up about her mental health journey

The Paramore frontwoman shared her story for World Suicide Prevention Day: "If you feel darkness, I hope you'll wait for joy."

September 13, 2018

September 10th of every year marks World Suicide Prevention Day, an internationally-recognized effort to encourage awareness and openness about suicide and the oft-stigmatized struggles that surround it. Among those to speak out in the spirit of the day was Paramore singer Hayley Williams, who took to social media to share the lessons she’s learned through her own mental health battles.

In a series of tweets, Williams reached out to anyone battling with depression or suicidal thoughts to let them know she hopes “that if you struggle with darkness that you will try and remember to let yourself feel joy when it comes. [I’m] trying too.”

It was this joy –­ and grabbing onto it when it does poke through the darkness ­– that the singer claimed was the key to making it out of these rough patches: “I try hard to call out and recognize joy when I feel it, or even when i see it on my friends. Thankful for any chance to feel a genuine smile […] If you feel darkness, I hope you’ll wait for joy. It will come again and it is worth it,” she concluded.

The candid advice provided by the Paramore singer follows an essay written by Williams earlier this year where she opened up about her lengthy battle with depression following the one-two punch of the departure of longtime bandmate Jeremy Davis and the dissolution of her engagement to New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert.

Read Williams’ full advice below:


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