Here are Camila Cabello’s 3 favourite Latinx artists

She's got her finger on the pulse of Latinx music.

October 5, 2017

Camila Cabello has been careful carving out a voice of her own since leaving Fifth Harmony. “Havana” has been steadily climbing the charts since its release back in August, and she’s been the backbone to some of the biggest songs of the summer, like Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bad Things” and the Major Lazer summer banger, “Know No Better,”

As a crucial part of what many people have named the “second renaissance of Spanish music,” in a recent interview with Official Charts, Cabello explained why she’s so excited about the current status of Latin music: “It feels like such a good time for this meshing of cultures everywhere. The influence of Latin culture is everywhere now… it feels like a smaller world now than when I was growing up.”

Here are her picks of artists she thinks you should be paying attention to:


Sharing a stark similarity to Camila’s own name, she admits that they’re the reason why she has to use her last name. This Mexcian pop rock group came onto the scene in 2005 and have earned Diamond and Platinum certifications for their albums.


Maná are a Mexcian rock band from Guadalajara, Jalisco. Widely considered the most influential and successful Latin American band of all time, they have sold over 40 million albums worldwide.

Gente de Zona

The Cuban reggaeton group emerged in 2000 and won three Latin Grammy awards for their 2013 single, Bailando with Enrique Iglesias. 

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