Here’s how Joe Jonas has hung onto his post-Disney fame (and 7 million followers)

A deep dive into how the former teen heartthrob has kept himself busy post-Jonas Brothers hysteria.

November 13, 2018

At the height of his career (in 2010 no less) Joe Jonas was the absolute shit. One third of the boy band, The Jonas Brothers with a beanie atop his head and the charm of a virgin, aka the ultimate teenage hunk. He had box office hits like Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam under his belt, a best friend in Demi Lovato and honestly could move mountains with that angelic voice of his.

But that was then and this is now. From purity rings to “Cake By The Ocean” Joe has seriously clung to fame. The 29-year-old astrological Leo has since managed to form the pop group DNCE and ICYMI joined The Voice, Australia edition as a judge.

Though TBH Joe’s most accomplished feat has been his ability to date numerous members of the Hollywood elite. From Gigi Hadid to Camilla Belle and Taylor Swift to eventually proposing to Game Of Thrones darling, Sophie Turner. So how exactly is the second hottest Jonas Bro finding himself in rooms with these people? How is he everywhere with an undefined place on the Hollywood social hierarchy?

Because did y’all know that he maintains an Instagram following of 7 million and change? That’s more than Goop’s very own Gwyneth Paltrow, more than acoustic cutie John Mayer and more than Mindy effing Kaling, can you believe?! The man is a pop culture mystery and we’re looking for some mainstream media attention as to how Joe has attained such fame.

Anyways, here’s our running list of Joe Jonas in all the places with all the faces.

Joe As A Judge On The Voice, Australia

 Still wondering how exactly he scored this gig?! Are we underestimating how deep the “Burnin’ Up” singer’s love is in the land down under?

Joe in Charli XCX’s Music Video

Joe makes a cameo in Charlie XCX’s “Boys” music vid. and is basically star of the show. Getting tons of camera time, pancakes and we don’t recall anyone else donning a monogrammed robe.

Joe At The US Open

Casually on a double date with the spiciest Jonas bro and his A list fiancé, Priyanka Chopra.

Joe Standing Next To Rihanna


Joe Collabs With KSWISS

He has a shoe line with KSWISS, did Nick cancel at the last minute? Is Joe our generation’s fashionista? What are we missing here?

Joe At The Golden Globes

What is he doing here, creating a Hugh Jackman sandwich? To our knowledge Camp Rock wasn’t nominated for any awards, somebody please advise.

Joe On West Coast Customs

We have a lot of q’s in terms of how Joe finessed his way onto this particular show but the jury’s still out.

Joe Front Row At Fashion Week(s)

 Joe Jonas’s tush has sat at a many New York Fashion Week shows, not to mention the coveted, wildly hard to snag a seat at Paris Fashion Week shows.

All things considered we’ve gotta hand it to whomever is managing his public appearances and endorsements, we see you Joe.


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