Here’s why Willow Smith shaved off her locs

Spoiler alert: she's giving another crash course on owning your body.

August 24, 2017

The world’s most famous teenage hair-whipper (Willow Smith, for those of you over 30) has finally opened up and let us all know why she cut off her trademark dreadlocks: thanks to years of weakening them as a method of stress release, according to a new interview.

You might remember seeing Smith’s epic locks in a certain music video from 2010:

Two years later, her locs were gone, and while Willow’s since gone back to her 2010 look, she’s now revealed the real reason she cut them off in the first place. “Every single one of my dreads is like a stress ball for me,” Smith said in a new interview with Refinery29. “I twist them when I’m nervous, making them longer and longer, and I like the way my long hair moves when I’m performing. But I have tried so many different looks and colours that it’s made my hair a little weak, so my favourite is when I go all-natural.”

Switching it up seems to come easily to Willow Smith, who’s made change a foundation of her career, aesthetic, and ethos:  “My favorite color isn’t pink; it’s black. I’m not obsessed with getting married or having kids. Gender norms put people in boxes and don’t allow them to really get to their full potential as a human being. Slowly but surely, dudes are starting to wear nail polish and become more in tune with their feelings. Change is happening, and it’s very exciting.”




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