Imagine Dragons opened an arcade in Toronto

We played arcade games and met fans at the Imagine Dragons pop-up shop in Toronto.

June 18, 2017

For a brief moment, the normally office-y decor of Shed Creative Agency was transformed into an 80s inspired neon dream filled with arcade cabinets and ultra limited Imagine Dragons swag.

The shop was filled with limited edition Imagine Dragons gear  / (© Riley Taylor, A.Side)

“It’s an excuse to have all of the games that we personally enjoy at our fingertips,” joked drummer Daniel Platzman.

Inside the shop, fans could peruse a range of merchandise celebrating the upcoming release of ƎVOLVE, the Las Vegas quartet’s upcoming third album. But not just a store, the Arcade experience was just that—in addition to nabbing shirts and hats, and creating their own Imagine Dragons inspired GIFs, fans could try their luck on classic cabinets like iconic The Simpsons arcade game, Pac-Man and, through the magic of modern technology and custom cabinets, almost any other classic they could think of.

“If you look at the artwork, for “Believer,” it’s kind of in this digital, crazy universe. In some ways, having the arcade games there is thematic,” drummer Daniel Platzman told us. “But mostly it’s an excuse to have all of the games that we personally enjoy at our fingertips.”

And you had better believe that the band was there!

On Saturday, after getting some time to themselves with the games, the band did what they do best (you know, other than the whole music thing…) and sat down for a meet and greet with some lucky fans, who braved sunshowers and the at times pummelling humidity to meet their favourite band.

It’s just a little rain!(© Riley Taylor, A.Side)


© Riley Taylor, A.Side

Worth the wait? Worth the rain? These fans would say so!

Worth it! (© Riley Taylor, A.Side)

All photos by Riley Taylor, A.Side

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