Ivanka Trump kinda sounds like Lana Del Rey

Amber Coffman's Lana Del Rey impression is pretty on-point.

August 25, 2017

Internet comedy nexus Super Deluxe recently released a fake, anti-Trump Lana Del Rey music video. From that description alone, it’s safe to assume  that the song might be a bit toe the line of self-indulgence, but the track lives up to its name and delivers. Massively. The fact that it’s performed by none other than former Dirty Projectors singer and current solo artist Amber Coffman doesn’t hurt, either.

For lyrics, Coffman and the songwriters used actual quotes from Presidential daughter and panderer-in-Chief Ivanka Trump, sung in the hazy, impassive style of Lana Del Rey, with the musical backing and washed-out visuals to match.

In case you’re wondering when, exactly, Ivanka ever called her father “the fastest growing cancer on a global scale”, well, we didn’t say the quotes were actually taken in context: they’re all taken from various articles, interviews, and other sources and and assembled into the song’s lyrics.

Neither Ivanka nor Del Rey have commented on the video, but hopefully if (when) they do, we’ll get  a real-deal Del Rey remix of the track on her next album. I’m assuming will be something along the lines of Violent Summer , or maybe Hollywood Blood.

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