Internet loses it after Rihanna jet ski pic resurfaces

Rihanna rides this thing like a damn QUEEN.

July 10, 2017

A new contestant has entered the Musician Jet Ski Hall of Fame, and this time the key to viral social media engagement isn’t getting lost off the coast of Miami, it’s looking extremely nonplussed while you sit cross-legged and grimly steer your personal watercraft in 2011. Naturally, this is Rihanna’s preferred jet ski riding method. Swagger-wise, it’s definitely up there with Kenny Powers’.

This being 2017, you can’t just silently be amused by a six-year-old photo of a famous musician/budding advice columnist balefully doing what is normally a fun activity, you gotta feed the blogosphere and stoke it into a meme frenzy:

Here’s how it went viral:

And here’s what happened once it did

Sure, Rihanna on a jet ski is high-level, but it’s nothing compared to the queen:

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