Is it okay to wear a band’s shirt to their concert?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: YES!

June 27, 2017

“You don’t wear a band’s shirt to their concert.”

We’ve all heard it at some point. At some point, we’ve all believed it, too. And as much as we love music, we can admit that sometimes, mostly in our younger days, that it has made us insecure, too. What if we like the wrong things? What if we can’t name our five favourite songs, or albums, or guitar riffs, or verses, when asked? Dealing with gatekeeping is part of growing up and finding your interests. It’s normal to be unsure. But music isn’t about adhering to rules. It’s not about impressing other people. And so when we see people searching for things like “Band Shirt DOs and DON’Ts” and asking whether or not it’s okay to wear your favourite Foo Fighters shirt to a Foo Fighters show, it kind of bothers us. Because if you ask us, we’ll say the same thing, 100 times out of 100.


Wear what you want.

We’re excited to share that, when we asked you on Twitter and Facebook, you tended to agree.

We don’t know where the superstition started; we can’t pinpoint who started the rumour that you can’t wear a band’s shirt to that band’s show, but chances are it’s the kind of High Fidelity mansplainer that also asks you to name five songs when they see you wearing a Smashing Pumpkins shirt. Let’s frame it a different way: If you’re going to a hockey game, would you wear the home team’s jersey? You’re a fan of the band. Live your life. Do you. [Insert other superlative here.]

While we’re at it, let’s answer some other questions.

If I buy a concert tee, can I put it on right away?

Yep! Wear what you want.

I’m wearing a Ramones shirt, but I’ve never heard the Ramones. Is that okay?

You should probably listen to the Ramones, but you know what? Wear what you want. Also, you’ve almost definitely heard “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

Kendall Jenner is wearing a Slayer shirt but she doesn’t even like Slayer!

Who cares.

Kylie Jenner is wearing a Thrasher shirt and she doesn’t even skate!

Who cares!

But Justin Bieber is wearing a Metallica shirt a—-

You get the point.

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