Ja Rule still thinks Fyre Fest was a success

In his first public statement since he fired up his Notes app last year, Ja Rule has more to say: “I wanted to create something amazing.”

September 24, 2018

Sure, we all make mistakes, but accepting that failure, and searching for any silver lining or nuggets of wisdom in it, well, it never seems to get any easier. If you need some inspiration on how to find pride in your next big mistake, though, just look at Ja Rule—who has officially responded to last year’s lawsuit magnet fiasco Fyre Festival (of which he was an organizer) with a solid dose of pride and #noregrets.

During an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast, Ja Rule spoke about Fyre Fest for the first time since he fired up the Notes app during the disaster of a festival to offer apologies and reassurances it was “NOT A SCAM.” The rapper’s slightly inspiring, slightly troubling lack of shame over taking such a public L comes from how enamored he was with the mere idea of Fyre Festival to begin with, and how privileged he felt being given the opportunity to bring that idea to life—regardless of the, er, “results.”

“It was my idea, my vision to do this. And I’m no way, shape or form ashamed of my vision of what it was to do this. I wanted to create something amazing,” admits Ja Rule, though he does also admit and apologize that “I should’ve been more on top of things. I should’ve not trusted people with certain things. And maybe, I’m positive things wouldn’t have been like that. That part of it, I take all responsibility.”

Though his confidence is admirable, people may not be clamouring to invest in Ja Rule’s next idea, given that the last person to do that, Fyre co-organizer/head hustler Billy McFarland, was just ordered to pay hundreds of thousands dollars in fees, along with reimbursing investors their collective 27.4 million dollars (and that’s not the only lawsuit, just the most recent one). Maybe give Ashanti a call, Ja? We’d love another collab.

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