Jack White condemns Canadian venue’s homophobic treatment of lesbian couple

Jack White: “The news that two women were stopped from kissing during my show in Edmonton really disappointed me. ”

November 7, 2018

From Woodstock to Live Aid, the rock concert has long been a celebration of equal parts revelry and love, offering a safe haven for fans to appreciate both the music and one another ­– though this nature was called into question this past Friday in Edmonton, when Rogers Place security forcibly prevented two female friends from kissing at a Jack White concert. Not only has this incident rightfully raised the ire of the women, but Jack White himself.

Concertoger Allyson MacIvor detailed that the incident occured after her and her friend began kissing during a performance of “Seven Nation Army”, during which “some staff member came in between us, and she said, ‘This is not allowed here.'” MacIvor describes the usher as separating the two before escorting them to a venue manager, assumedly to be reprimanded. Though the manager took no action, the usher was allowed to return to their post. MacIvor opened up about the incident in a lengthy Facebook post that has since garnered thousands of likes – along with the attention of Jack White.

The rockstar took to Instagram to condemn the treatment of MacIvor’ and her friend’s display of affection. Commenting on a picture of two women sharing a kiss at a 1964 Beatles concert, White shared that “Its 2018 now and two people expressing affection shouldn’t have to hide. The news that two women were stopped from kissing during my show in Edmonton really disappointed me […] Let’s promote love and acceptance wherever and whenever we can.”

White also added that after hearing of the incident, he played Blunderbuss single “Love Interruption” as a dedication to MacIvor and her friend during his Calgary set, encouraging everyone in the audience to follow MacIvor’s example and show affection to their loved ones.

MacIvor, a professional musician who has played with the likes of Sarah MacLachlan and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, claims that upon hearing of her incident, Rogers Place offered her free concert and dinner of her choice – and though MacIvor and her friend requested tickets to a Fleetwood Mac concert later this week, she also made another request: that the usher in question join them. “I would love to get to know this employee on a more personal and deeper level than the events that just happened,” said MacIvor, “So hopefully we’ll go out for dinner and have an amazing time. This employee and I can just get to know each other as people and move past this in a healthier way.”

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