4 reasons why we want to visit Janelle Monae’s “PYNK” universe

“PYNK” is the love-yourself anthem we all need right now. It's also an alternate universe we want to live in.

April 11, 2018

Janelle Monae’s new single “PYNK” is a snap-friendly ode to women everywhere that merges Monae’s future-leaning pop sensibilities into just the kind of love-yourself anthem we all need right now. Just as notable is the video, which manages to weave a psychedelic mishmash of a world that seems to borrow in equal parts from acid westerns, 50’s teen movies, and late-90’s music video aesthetics. Yes, I too already want to live in whatever world this video appears to take place in, but here are even more reasons why:

1. Floating Cars

Floating cars have long been symbolic of “oh, you’re in the future now,” and the future on display in this video — one where women still have slumber parties like it’s 6th grade and have each other’s backs — is definitely a future I want to live in. Plus, in addition to its no-wheel-drive, the Monae-mobile’s aesthetic lands somewhere between the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas convertible and a powder-pink Barbie car, so that’s a huge plus.

2. Vagina Pants

Vagina pants. Vagina. Pants. Pants that perfectly take advantage of the structure of pants to look like a vagina. Do I need to add much more? Just think of how much of a boss you’d feel like strutting down the street in these.

3. Future-Diner Dance Parties

Three pieces of media I’ve always wanted to live inside (aside from this video, of course): Riverdale, Blade Runner, and Spice Girls videos. Monae manages to check off all three of those boxes by featuring an old-school diner filled with all women who randomly burst into tightly-choreographed dance routines and party late into the neon-soaked night together.

4. Phallic Punching Bags

I mean, nothing really says “smash the patriarchy” quite like getting in shape by kicking and punching a giant penis repeatedly. It’s only in the video for a brief flicker, but I’ve already put it on my Amazon wishlist-wishlist.

Check out the full video here to try and scope out more reasons to pack your bags and move to Janelleville.

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