Jet with Post Malone onboard successfully makes emergency landing

August 21, 2018

Post Malone seems to be having some trouble with takeoff ­– no, he’s not beefing with the Migos member, but rather has found himself in a bit of a aviation snafu on his way back from the VMAs after his jet blew two tires while leaving the runway, forcing it to make an emergency landing.

The jet, which reportedly is carrying 16 people onboard, left New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport on its way to London when the pilot immediately realized their tire troubles. An emergency landing was in order, but first, the pilot had circle above the airport to burn off some fuel – 3,700 gallons of it ­– in order to maximize the safety of the emergency landing.

Given the high volume of fuel to burn, the plane was eventually rerouted to Massachusetts before finally being given the clear to make its emergency landing at New York’s Stewart airport. Not only are our fingers crossed for the safety of Post and his team, but we’re also hoping his VMA buddies, 21 Savage and Aerosmith, aren’t on the same flight as their friend.

UPDATE: Bring out the celebratory beerbongs and Bentleys, as Mr. Malone’s plane has successfully pulled off its emergency landing, as per CNN.

Watch footage of the jet’s takeoff below, via TMZ:

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