Justice’s first album is driving Redditors nuts

Reddit just can’t keep the soundtrack of summer 2007 down.

September 20, 2017

Justice’s (a.k.a. “Cross”) was the soundtrack to going back to college (or high school if you were really cool) back in fall 2007. It’s been ten years since the album was released: Bush was still president, Kanye had just released a little track with Daft Punk called “Stronger,” and the first iPhone had gone on sale to a curious public. Then came this missile of a record—a dancefloor ready package that arrived with stark, iconic artwork and more danceable beats than you could shake a glow stick at.

The internet must have taken notice of the anniversary, because the social sharing site Reddit has been blitzed with re-posts of the biggest single from the French group’s era-defining record. “D.A.N.C.E.,” the killer single from the record, complete with that sing-song kid chorus, has been popping up constantly on the site.

It’s gotten to the point that sites moderators have had to step in to suggest new guidelines, totally exasperated at the amount of times the song keeps popping up on the hugely popular /r/music community.


“That song ‘front-paged’ almost 3 months ago. Do you think this is too often? Do we need a new rule for song reposting?” one moderator appealed.

Other users complained that the great song is being posted far too often—a victim of its own success. Users soon piled in to point out that people have been posting the song over and over, no doubt driven by the power of “D.A.N.C.E.” 

“Yeah I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this song posted more often than any other” lamented another user. Another attempted to explain the appeal of posting such a floor-filler: “You’re like, ‘God, this song is fucking great,’ and you feel a desire to share it with people, and you think, ‘Oh, I’ll share it with Reddit people AND get karma.'”

Of course, isn’t limited to a single good song—it’s packed full of them. Another user gushed that pressing play on the album’s first track, “Genesis,” provoked a physical response. “[I] get goosebumps listening to the baritones and timpani intro. They march into the song like a prelude to war.” Hell, the whole thing is killer. It served as a massive slam-dunk for the electro/dance group, who were only boosted more by the runaway success of their huge-sounding remix of MGMT’s “Electric Feel” the following year.

 Justice have been moving around since 2007, but have aimed for quality over quantity, with just two albums released since .  In fact, they have just released a highly trippy video for recent single ‘Pleasure’, being visually inspired by the concept of a “supernatural love scene”. The video, being very much NSFW, is bound to melt the head of any Reddit user who clicks play at work without heeding the warnings.

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