Kanye West grants a fan’s dying wish

A cancer-stricken fan got a special solo Kanye West performance in her final moments.

January 10, 2018

He might be the world’s all-time biggest egomaniac, but that doesn’t mean Kanye doesn’t also have the world’s all-time biggest heart. As per Twitter user @stalkdebbie, potential streaming service mogul and horror movie subject Kanye West low-key made a mega-fan’s final moments especially tolerable by rapping for her over FaceTime, after reportedly learning of her cancer diagnosis (and bleak prognosis) from her family.

You might be wondering, though, can us hardcore Kanye stans trust a random Twitter account retelling the story? Apparently so, as the story was pretty much confirmed by someone who would know:

At the fan’s request, West  performed Life of Pablo’s “I Love Kanye.” Shortly thereafter, according to reports, the fan passed away.

Of course, the story broke at an especially convenient time for West, whose public image has exactly been…complicated over the past few months. But it’s especially admirable to undertake making a fan’s final moments special, especially without making sure everyone knows how saintly you’re being through social media.  What can we say, we love Kanye.

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