Lady Gaga demanded credit on a Jennifer Lopez song

Lady Gaga was so concerned that a Jennifer Lopez song sounded like one of hers that she demanded a writing credit.

August 15, 2017

Back in 2011, Lady Gaga’s smash-hit album Born This Way was tearing up the charts, based on the success of singles like the title track, “The Edge of Glory”, and “Judas” – the song that’s been at the centre of six years of legal wrangling between Gaga and a songwriter named Rebecca Francescatti.

Francescatti originally sued Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta, back in 2001, claiming that “Judas” infringed on the copyright to her 1999 track “Juda.” The court ruled in Gaga’s favour, but Francescatti appealed and the case was eventually settled out of court.

Now, however, newly-obtained texts related to the case reveal that Gaga was also worried about “Judas” sounding too similar to Jennifer Lopez’s “Invading My Mind.” Both tracks were produced by RedOne, and Gaga had concerns that she’d be considered unoriginal because of it.

“We need to update ‘Judas’ sounds so much like Jlo ‘invading’!!! We have a big problem,” Gaga said in a 2010 text conversation with “Invading My Mind” and “Judas” producer RedOne. She continued: “Red…it is exactly like judas. I can hear the same midi was used and moved around. U have to change the track for her… even the FORMAT is the same.”

Gaga went on to raise the idea that she be credited on the J. Lo track, in a bid to forestall any claims of being a copycat.

“Maybe if u gave me credit on both songs it would avoid comparison? Iʹm very concerned I will get accused of being unoriginal. ‘But if u credit me on both records ..oneee for production, one for writing it will certainly help w the comparisons” Gaga wrote. RedOne obliged, writing on Twitter shortly thereafter that Gaga “produced/Wrote with me TWO records for @JLo, ‘Invading my Mind’ and another one coming SOOON!!!” Well, Twitter was a lot newer then.

The texts were obtained as evidence by Rebecca Francescatti’s lawyer for use in the original “Juda” suit, in a bid to prove Lady Gaga was the type of artist who would lie to cover up the writing of infringing music.

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