Lance Bass parodies Donald Trump’s TIME fiasco

Even Lance Bass is making fun of Donald Trump.

November 27, 2017

In a world of impending and ever-increasing chaos, perhaps one of the only predictable things is the constant onslaught of general slime that emits from Donald Trump’s Twitter handle. In the rare moments that he’s not taunting sports dads or on the verge of inciting international catastrophes, he’s most likely spreading misinformation about himself:

TIME has vocally and vehemently denied that the call ever happened. Like, at all.

And then there’s Lance Bass. The former *NSYNCer decided to try his hand at also propagating bloated claims about himself (and his own relevancy), all at the expense of Trump.

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Considering *NSYNC broke up before most of their newest subjects were even born, it seems like a long-shot.  But it seems like the only person who wasn’t kidding was Tiger Beat, the legendary magazine that’s been delivering constant heartthrob content for over half a century.

We’re crossing our fingers on this one.

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