Liam Gallagher has the best headlines of any musician ever

No one gets better headlines than the loudmouth Mancunian.

August 10, 2017

Liam Gallagher is a lot of things: rock star, expert shit-talker, and adoring younger sibling to his big brother Noel. Well, maybe ‘adoring’ is a little strong, but there’s also another side to Liam Gallagher that we need to talk about, alongside the legacy of Oasis music and having a big mouth: the man is almost definitely responsible for the greatest music journalism headlines of the past two decades.

Gallagher was recently interviewed by GQ, and as usual delivered more hilarious soundbites in one interview than most artists can put out in 20, best evidenced by WhatsApp Ricky:

A new Gallagher interview calls for a celebration, so what better time to look back on some of Liam’s greatest headline hits? Liam headlines can generally be classified into four distinct categories.

Things Liam Gallagher would rather do:

Football and candy-related near-death experiences:

Insulting bands, artists, and personalities

(This accounts for about 65% of all Gallagher journalism:)

Brotherly, uh… love?

Don’t worry, that’s how you know they love each other.

Salute to the man responsible for keeping music headlines fresh, 23 years on from Definitely Maybe.

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