Liam Payne calls out tabloid misogyny: “I think it stops here.”

The ex-One Directioner is tired of the press reducing the role of his female staff members.

October 22, 2018

Though there’s a lot to be envious of when it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and the famous—the money, the fame, probably not having to wait in line at your city’s artisanal ice cream shop du jour—there’s also having to deal with the tabloids and paparazzi constantly on your tail, documenting every move—and every person—in your life. Liam Payne is sick of this, and over the weekend made sure to clue the press in on how over them he is—specifically with how they treat the women in his life.

The singer spoke out against the objectifying tone the paparazzi treats the women in his life with following an article published by the Daily Mail titled “Liam Payne arrives with mystery girl at London’s Rosewood hotel” (though they have since changed the title following Payne’s comments), where they suggestively dissected a photo of Liam entering the aforementioned hotel with a “female companion.” What they were unaware of was that she was a member of his staff—though, if they didn’t know before, they certainly do now, after Payne called them out on Twitter:

Payne elaborated on the effects that the disrespectful assumptions of every female in his life being a potential romantic partner, describing the negative impact it has on the lives of these women, both professionally and personally:

The singer’s defense of his female employees received accolades online, with people expressing their relief in seeing this double standard finally being exposed and with Payne for setting a precedent when it comes to male celebrities speaking out about these issues:

The tabloids just got a lesson in feminism (in addition to a well-deserved ass-kicking), and given the fact it was taught by Liam freaking Payne? I think we can assume they were listening.

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