Lil Yachty is confused about flutes

What do Spongebob Square Pants, Lil Yacthy and a flute have in common?

May 29, 2017

Thanks to (formerly Rap Genius), the crowdsourced music knowledge site, music fans will never be caught out being clueless about what their favourite artists are saying in their songs, or be at a loss to the most popular interpretation of, say, “For Free?” There’s a downside to musicians, though: now every nonsensical, tossed-off lyric gets put under the microscope and endlessly debated and annotated by the kind of digital natives to whom time is absolutely no object.

That’s exactly the situation Lil Yachty found himself in recently, when Genius users started in on a line from “Peek A Boo,” the Migos-assisted first single from his debut album Teenage Emotions.

“My new bitch yellow / She blow that dick like a cello,” Yachty raps in the song, a couplet which has definitely taken the the top spot over the perennial king of problematic, Asian/cello-based lyrics. Even putting aside how offensive those lyrics are, they also makes no sense, unless Lil Yachty is into some serious masochism in the bedroom: a cello is a stringed, bowed instrument, not a woodwind.

Yachty had his own explanation for what went wrong during the songwriting process, and he let the world know it was the fault of his A&R man for not telling him what a cello is:

Where would we be without Genius? I mean, how would a rapper respond efficiently and quickly to his lyrical error of misidentifying an instrument back in the stone age of like, 1988?

Yachty’s Genius explanation wasn’t without its own controversy, however, at least if you use a really broad interpretation of the word ‘controversy’: Squidward on SpongeBob plays a clarinet, and not a flute. Don’t worry about correcting him though, SpongeBob megafans, it looks like enough of you already did the heavy lifting:

What a time to be alive.

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