Lorde fan creates original artwork for every song off ‘Melodrama’

The creative Lorde reviews continue to roll in.

June 19, 2017

The pop music world has been losing its collective shit over Lorde’s Melodrama, and with good reason: its very likely to take the crown as 2017’s best pop album. Yeah, it’s only June, it’s subjective, standard disclaimers apply, but it’s hard to deny that Melodrama blows most of the other high-profile pretenders to throne out of the water, and its display of searing, yearning, mature songwriting have already garnered rave reviews from most corners.

Some of those reviews are a little more unconventional than others. We’ve already had erotic Lorde fanfiction, so we’re can we go from here? Well, now we’ve got a slightly more SFW review: Redditor ‘mylostlights‘ has created visual art representations of every single one of Melodrama’s 11 tracks.

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What do songs like “The Louvre” and “Sober” look like? Let’s take a look:

1. Green Light

2. Sober

3. Homemade Dynamite

4. The Louvre

5. Liability

6. Hard Feelings/Loveless

7. Sober II (Melodrama)

8. Writer In The Dark

9. Supercut

10. Liability (Reprise)

11. Perfect Places



Hm, pretty apt. And what about “Green Light”?

Let’s hope Melodrama inspires even more creative reviews, like maybe a paper-mâché stop-motion animation of the emotional throughline of “Supercut.”


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