Why did Lorde completely scale back her social media presence?

We're confused but also kinda jealous.

May 9, 2018

“I really oughta delete my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tinder/Ubereats” is one of those humble-braggy mantras that we repeat to ourselves far too often but never really follow up on, our generation’s version of threatening to throw out the T.V. While the idea may for many just be a fantasy of a world free of  existential weights such as accidentally liking your ex’s posts or having to scroll through endless Kanye takes, leave it to Lorde to have the guts to make living “like-less” a reality.

Hot off of the North American leg of her tour supporting last year’s fantastic Melodrama, Lorde’s social media accounts appear to have undergone a summer diet, with her Twitter and Instagram pages having slimmed down to no more than two tweets and three pictures, respectively. The somewhat-cryptic nature of the surviving posts, among them references to Guy Debord’s philosophical text The Society of the Spectacle and French poet Arthur Rimbaud, sent Lorde Twitter into a bit of a conspiratorial frenzy:

Is Lorde teasing new music? Turning her back on her fans? It turns out the answer is neither, with the artist hopping into the comments of a post on fan Instagram “@thelordesplace” to reassure fans that she’s “more than ok! Not needing to recover or pull back from u guys, it’s just what I feel is cleanest and most true to me as an artist & musician in 2018,” adding that she “will still be creeping on u all and commenting, just not going to be posting endless content. Less is always more.” If only we were all as strong as you, Lorde.

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