Ludacris has been buying groceries for people at Whole Foods

The next time you hit the grocery store, Luda might just cover your haul.

August 13, 2018

If you think Ludacris’ lifestyle is one not dissimilar from his fellow rap cohorts, filled with richer-than-thou luxury and lavishness, you better get back, get back, because you don’t know him like that. A recent New York Times deep dive has highlighted the rapper’s bizarre (but adorable) affinity for grocery stores – and his heartwarming habit of paying for other customers’ hauls.

Luda’s aisle-strutting obsession began to come to light last week, when an Atlanta woman named Therra Cathryn posted to Facebook detailing a man named Chris paying for her groceries when her $250 gift card couldn’t cover her haul (it was a Whole Foods, natch). Upon learning her benefactor was the man behind such hits as “What’s Your Fantasy” and “Money Maker,” Cathryn admits to launching into “the worst possible white woman rendition” of his single “Rollout,” adding that “This guy is awesome run amok. You know why? He was just doing something kind for a disheveled, harried stranger.”

A look back into the depths of the internet prove this wasn’t just a one-off act of kindness, with Luda mixing his Southern Hospitality with his love of groceries as recently as earlier this summer:

Take note if you ever want your grocery bill to be covered by Ludacris, as there appears to be a bit of a pattern to his shopping habits:

If you’re north of the border like us, though, fret not: the rapper has also been caught perusing your local Loblaws:

If Ludacris covered your groceries, what would be in your basket?

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