Mac DeMarco releases new song “Fuck the Toronto Raptors”

Leave it to Mac to capture our shame.

May 8, 2018

Two things happened yesterday, both of potentially varying importance depending on the type of person you are: the celebrity dress-up parade known as the Met Gala, and the Cleveland Cavaliers completing their clean-sweep of the Toronto Raptors to advance to the third round of the NBA playoffs.

Both stories may come from seemingly disparate worlds, but yesterday those worlds collided courtesy of the Bart Simpson of British Columbia, Mac DeMarco, who debuted two songs from his new, probably-joke-band Met Gala, both apparently recorded “on the red carpet at the Met Gala”, the latter of which is aptly titled “Fuck the Toronto Raptors”.

Although a statement such as “Fuck the Toronto Raptors” may perfectly capture the mix of rage and shame that every Raps fan could be feeling this morning, that sentiment isn’t quite reflected in the vibe of the song, which, along with the other single “She’s My Sweet”, traffics heavily in equal parts woozy, auto-tuned slow jams and the goofier side of Mac DeMarco’s catalogue.

It’s currently unclear whether or not Met Gala, made up of DeMarco, bandmate Alec Meen, Homeshake’s Peter Sagar (also a former DeMarco bandmate), and DIIV’s Colin Caufield, is just a one-off or part of a more serious project, but we might just have to wait until next year’s Met Gala and/or major Toronto sports team loss to find out – fortunately, the latter happens with a bit more regularity.

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