Man arrested for peeing on family at Metallica show

No, it wasn't Donald Trump.

August 9, 2017

Had a bad, Shrek-less concert experience lately? Well, at least you can console yourself that it probably wasn’t as terrible as a family’s in Glendale, Arizona, who got peed on during a Metallica show last Friday night.

Warning, this is a little graphic.

Daniel Francis Daddio (yep, that’s a classic concert pisser’s name if I’ve ever heard one) was arrested by Arizona state troopers on charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure after he started urinating on a 10-year-old girl and her parents, who were seated in front of him. According to court documents obtained by Buzzfeed, the father told officers that he turned around after he and his family felt “warm liquid washing over their backs and legs,” and “observed Daniel Francis Daddio standing behind them in the row of seats just above theirs with his penis out of his pants and in his hands… Daddio was urinating on all three of his family members.”

Daddio was shortly arrested by officers after being confronted, and was, as you might expect, “heavily intoxicated at the time of his arrest.” Geez dude, I know that setlist was a killer, but you can spare a few seconds during “Halo on Fire” to find a bathroom.


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