Manifesto Vol. 12 was a vibe

For the last 12 years, Manifesto Festival has reflected the spirit that keeps Toronto's music scene afloat.

August 24, 2018

For the last twelve years Manifesto Festival has dutifully descended on Toronto each summer to put on events that channel the people and hustle that make the city run. This year marked the festival’s inclusion of the Manifesto Discovery Series which featured programming by several of the city’s crucial arts institutions, offering a platform for rising talent to shine. Discovery Series programmer Jesse Ohtake saw the series as an opportunity to blend Toronto’s multiple  scenes through ample community collaboration:

An aim of the Manifesto Discovery Series was to feature a wide range of music and arts based programming through collaboration with local co-presenters. The SoSo Minnie Disney Ball offered an opportunity to bring together two cultures that have often been positioned at polar opposite ends of the spectrum – the largely LGBTQ ball scene, and the often CIS male dominated hip hop scene. The unification of these two scenes was exactly the type of event that we were looking to support and amplify through the Manifesto Discovery Series.

Jesse Ohtake- Discovery Series Programmer

As the week wound into the festival’s keystone events like the annual Summit and a return to free programming at Nathan Phillips Square where Chronixx (with six-piece backing band Zinc Fence Redemption) and Charlotte Day Wilson delivered double heat,  the annual Manifesto House Party kickstarted the weekend. “The House Party at The Drake has been a staple of the festival in previous years celebrating a pivotal component of our multi-media event featuring dance battles, an aux cord battle, local deejays, and networking,” Ohtake explained. Each year, the festival mirrors the spirit that keeps Toronto’s music scene afloat so we put together a collection of photos that reflect just that.

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