Marc Anthony gave Will Smith a salsa dancing lesson

You decide: does the fresh prince get “jiggy with it?”

March 26, 2018

Will Smith remains one of the true Swiss army knives left in our entertainment world, having experienced massive success across several decades in music, television, and film to build the kind of cross-media resume that would even make Timberlake blush. But, it appears, there is still one arena he seeks to conquer: salsa-dancing on a yacht. Whether it was to celebrate three-digits’ worth of instagram content or just to continue trying to make everyone forget about Bright, the former prince and current father-to-Jaden posted a video with once-husband of J-Lo, always-titan of Latin Pop, Marc Anthony taking Will under his wing to further mold him into a literal song-and-dance man.

Okay, so Smith’s moves are a solid B — he’s definitely still working on it not a complete embarrassment, but to our disappointment, he never truly gets “jiggy with it”. However the real spectacle here is Marc Anthony’s unwavering enthusiasm, treating every awkward hip-thrust and foot-shuffle of Will’s as if he’s a proud father watching his infant son learn to walk for the first time. Here’s hoping that we can one day all have mentors like him — not just in their support, but also more importantly in their openness to invite you onto their yacht.

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