Marc Jacobs proposed to his boyfriend at Chipotle

Because what better way to seal the deal than with the power of Prince and Burrito?

April 5, 2018

What makes love and romance so beautiful, so integral to the well being of our entire society, is how fluid and different their definitions can be person-to-person, culture-to-culture. Despite the subjectivity of intimate relationships, New York fashion icon Marc Jacobs’ recent proposal to his partner Charly Defrancesco combined two things everyone can collectively agree to be universally romantic: the music of Prince and Chipotle.

A video posted to Jacobs’ Instagram shows Defrancesco’s fast-casual Mexican birthday feast being interrupted by a perfectly choreographed flash mob dancing to Prince’s “Kiss.” The spectacle seems to be a sufficient enough birthday treat for a surprised and excited Defrancesco, but Jacobs decides to take the extravaganza one step further by getting down on one knee and asking the only question more romantic than “Would you like to add guac for two dollars?” (He said yes, both to the proposal and the guacamole).

Although the couple has yet to set a date for when they’ll be walking down the aisle it wouldn’t be shocking, given where the proposal took place, for the ceremony to occur somewhere intimate such as Panera Bread.

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