Meet DJ Switch, the 10-year-old award-winning DJ from Ghana

Get ready to feel like you should be doing more with your life.

June 28, 2018

If children are the future, then the turntable moves of ten-year-old Ghana native DJ Switch is a relieving indicator that the future is gonna be a party. Known to her classmates as Erica, DJ Switch recently had her fast-rising star showcased by BBC after she took home “Best Discovery of the Year” at the Ghana DJ Awards last month (where she was also nominated for Best Female DJ), and we already want more of her in our lives.

Erica began DJing a year ago under the moniker “DJ Switch” because she wants to “switch up people’s happiness,” and if the dancing swag of someone twice her age she displays in the video for her track  “Deceiver” doesn’t switch up a smile onto your face, that’s on you, buddy:

Switch may be busy garnering awards for her record-spinning skills, but her focuses remain on her academic pursuits, stating in her BBC interview her eventual goal of becoming a gynecologist as a means of helping women across her country. For now though, Switch remains plugged into her passion of DJing—who knows, maybe she’ll crack the Billboard before she hits high school.

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