Metalhead teen gets heart-melting gift from late father


June 9, 2017

I’ll always remember getting my first electric guitar about 15 minutes before the Great Darkness of 2003 hit, forcing me to wait a whole 48 hours before I could start picking out “Smoke On The Water.” Getting a guitar is a rite of passage among many young music lovers, and many of them get their first one as a gift from their dads, who themselves will always remember their own first axe, and their own dreams of rock stardom, fondly.

Sadly, 16-year-old Johnny Crow didn’t get that experience, as his dad John Crow passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 49 a few months before his son’s birthday. And so on his birthday, when Johnny’s sister led him blindfolded, in an awesome Toxic Holocaust t-shirt, to a music store in Port Huron, Michigan, he wasn’t sure what to expect. But safe to say it probably wasn’t a Dean Razorback guitar from his late dad, which he had purchased as a birthday surprise for his son months earlier.

Warning: the below video may cause your heart to swell and strange moisture to form in your eyes.

And him receiving it. ��

Posted by Chandler Mae Crow on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

“I was definitely overjoyed that my father gave me one last thing to remember him by,” said high schooler in an interview with the Times-Herald. “I know a lot of kids don’t get that.”

Since his story went viral (it’s been viewed almost 9.8 million times since being posted on Wednesday), the owner of the music store in the video, Peter Kruse, took to Reddit and announced he’d set up a Paypal account so generous people can buy Crow strings, lessons, and various guitar necessities. As of writing, the account is sitting at about $16k in donations.

Crow said he regularly bonded with his dad over music, who once told his family that he thought his son would be famous one day. There’s no guarantees, but I wouldn’t bet against Crow honouring the memory of his dad with some of the greatest, heaviest riffs ever.

In short:



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