Missy Elliott writes touching letter to Aaliyah on the anniversary of her death

August 27, 2018

This past weekend marked the 17th anniversary of the tragic plane accident that ended the life of ascendant pop-star Aaliyah. Though she may be gone, she is most definitely not forgotten, having left behind a legacy in the avenues of music, fashion, and film. Among those commemorating Aaliyah’s passing, along with the still-thriving influence she left behind, is the Dutch-Passer herself, Missy Elliott.

Missy took to Twitter on Saturday to share with fans a letter to Aaliyah, reminding her that even seventeen years after her passing, she continues to occupy space in both our brains and our hearts. “Aaliyah: We miss you so much ☹ But your legacy will live on forever and ever!” Missy scrawls down on a sheet of paper, before the camera pans over to showcase the impressively large Aaliyah-themed contingent of Elliott’s wardrobe.

That wasn’t the only message Elliott offered to the late songstress: in the caption to the video of Missy writing her letter, she also included a message lamenting the potential that we never got the privilege to see fully realized, stating “Aaliyah (Babygirl) I can only imagine how great you would be today winning oscars & creating sick music & still setting fashion trends!”

Watch Missy’s heartfelt message below:

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