Mitski calls for peace as fans fight over the similarities to MacDeMarco’s new album

Mitski isn't mad about Mac Demarco trying to literally "Be the Cowboy."

March 5, 2019

Mac Demarco and Mitski are the latest to join the likes of pop-culture pairings Deep Impact & Armageddon and Dante’s Peak & Inferno in the history of parallel thinking after the announcement of a new album by Demarco has Mitski stans pointing out a handful of maybe-more-than-coincidental similarities. As for Mitski, though? She’s all for it.

Last year, Mitski released the excellent Be the Cowboy, and Mac Demarco seems to have taken that title’s advice to heart with the announcement of his upcoming album, the deja-vu-inducing Here Comes the Cowboy. But remember, this is Mac Demarco we’re talking about, someone who is far from content with doing anything halfway: in addition to the similar album titles, the lead single from Here Comes the Cowboy is, just like that of Be the Cowboy’s iconic breakout jam, “Nobody”:

It’s not like we’re comparing System of a Down and like, 2 Chainz here: Mitski and Mac Demarco exist in the same Carhartt-sporting sphere of young adults who, if they aren’t fans of both artists are at least quite aware of each’s existence. Which is why many people took notice of these similarities, and not in the warmest of ways:

Making the situation all the more maddeningly Mac-esque is the revelation that the British Columbia-born singer-songwriter hasn’t even heard Mitski’s album yet. This announcement comes from Mac’s press representative – who, to add to the bizarreness of the scenario, is also employed in the same role for Mitski.

Mad? Confused? Don’t be – Mitski isn’t, with the singer managing to find some humour in the collection of coincidental coincidences through some tweets this morning:

So, if you find yourself this morning debating about which Cowboy you plan on pledging your allegiance to, why not take a page out of Mitski’s book: have a laugh about it and ask yourself:

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