“Move Bitch” by Ludacris is an anti-Trump chant now

One of Luda's most iconic bangers has been co-opted by the resistance.

Editorial credit: Diego G Diaz / / A.Side
September 6, 2017

As far as metaphors go, “Move Bitch” is paper thin. On Genius, a site that’s been known to go into extensive detail about literally everything:

DMX barking
― DMX (Ft. Marilyn Manson) – The Omen

But when you look for “Move Bitch,” here’s how they describe the song:

Still, you can’t deny its forcefulness, which means it’s no surprise that the song—adapted, natch—has found its way to anti-Trump protests.

Most recently, people protesting Trump’s straight-up evil cessation of the DACA program were heard yelling “Move, Trump. Get out the way!” down the streets of Washington.

Protesters in Atlanta, Luda’s hometown, were slinging the chant back in August:

In this case, there’s no better raised fists than these ones:

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