10 musicians you might not know are teachers

You could learn something from these superstars.

August 2, 2017

For most students, the mysterious lives of teachers are a constant source of intrigue. If you only see them in front of a blackboard, it’s hard to imagine that teacher’s have lives outside of the classroom. But they do and there’s a chance that they might be a famous musician. Behold, a list artists who were educators in another life.

From jazz goddess Roberta Flack to brooding metal innovator Steve Von Till, and emo-innovator Blake Schwarzenbach, there are more than a few artists who got their start in schools. The list continues: Gene Simmons went to teachers college, both Simon and Garfunkle have taught in New York and indie heartthrob Chris Carrabba used to croon between teaching Special Education classes.

While there are obviously some omissions on this list, there are more than a few names that might surprise you. Sure, you might have heard that Sting used to teach at a religious school in England. But did you know Peaches used to teach drama at a Hebrew school?

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