Netflix and Hulu are feuding over their competing Fyre Festival documentaries

We’re sure these events have at least one of them going through their own personal Fyre Fest.

January 15, 2019

It seems like only yesterday that our feeds were inundated with pictures of depressing “sandwiches” and the most mentions of Ja Rule since 2002, but the truth is that we’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of the whole Fyre Festival fiasco—and a war has already broken out between two of your favourite streaming platforms when it comes to who gets to celebrate.

Last week, Netflix attained some buzz after dropping the trailer to their documentary on the disaster, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. The film, which comes out this Friday, January 18th, was set to garner more attention yesterday when the review embargo was lifted and positive accolades started coming in—that is, until Hulu beat them to the punch by dropping their own Fyre Fest documentary right out of thin air.

Though news had come out back in April of 2018 that Hulu was developing the documentary that the world now knows to be Fyre Fraud, hype was otherwise nonexistent for their take on the story—no trailers, release dates, or announcements. For Hulu, the only release strategy around Fyre Fraud seemed to be cashing in Netflix’s chips four days before their competition had a chance. Obviously, people noticed:

And as if piggybacking off of Netflix’s release date wasn’t enough, Fyre Fraud also takes some swipes at Netflix’s upcoming version of the tale for being produced by the very same social media hype-men who were behind the promotion of Fyre Fest in the first place:

Netflix nor Hulu have yet to comment on the, uh, “coincidences”, but we’re sure these events have at least one of them going through their own personal Fyre Fest.

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