Nicki Minaj says “Monster” almost didn’t make ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’

Things might have been very different for Nicki Minaj if Kanye West had his way.

October 25, 2017

Nowadays, everyone knows Nicki Minaj is a monster, but she wasn’t anywhere near a household name until the 2010 release of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, an album that’s still widely considered one of the greatest hip-hop releases of all time. Minaj, as we all remember, delivered an utter crusher of a verse on “Monster,” the album’s sixth track, and the rest is history.

Only, it almost wasn’t: on an Instagram post last Tuesday in honour of the song’s seventh anniversary, Minaj detailed how the track almost didn’t make the album, as Kanye didn’t want her verse to become the ‘talk of the album’. Minaj says she spent an hour on the phone with Yeezus to convince him to include “Monster” on MBDTF, and he eventually agreed.

“Kanye called me to tell me Jay put a verse on this song & that he was still deciding if he would put it on his album.” Minaj began on her lengthy IG post. “It was like an hour long call where I tried to convince him to let the song stay on his album. He felt this verse would end up being the talk of the album. I said: YOU’RE KANYE WEST!!!!”

Good thing the strategy of appealing to West’s ego worked, because otherwise, the world might never have gotten to know the oeuvre of Roman Zolanski.

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