Nicki Minaj wants people to “stop twerking” and “start reading”

Nicki Minaj turns the other cheek on her trademark dance move.

August 18, 2017

While this quote sounds like something a concerned parent would have said circa 2014, it’s very real: Nicki Minaj has opted not to release her new “Rake It Up” video in light of, uh, something, and has issued the following rationale on Twitter:

It’s curious, but we love the sentiment. And for anyone who’s followed Nicki over the years, it makes sense. While to the outsider she’s often misrepresented by little more than her physique, Minaj has over the years proven to be more than a little outspoken. She stands up for women, she speaks her mind, and she’s done it all while preaching body positivity. Which raises a pretty crucial question: why choose?

Like, you’ve got hands. Here’s to multitasking.


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