NYC subway LOSES IT when Cardi B comes on

It's hard to resist Bodak Yellow.

December 4, 2017

We already knew “Bodak Yellow” was a sensation. Not only has it made a superstar out of Cardi B — whose  impending nuptials to Migos’ Offset promises to be its own sensation —but it’s also earned her a  2018 Grammy nomination.

But we all know it takes more than just a hit song to get jaded New York subway riders on board (and off their seat). Thanks to Twitter user @mattwhitlockPM, we now have recorded proof that Cardi B’s bonafide anthem has what it takes to get even the most seen-it-all commuter to start going wild publicly:

My nomination for subway MVP? That’s got to go to the guy who lies down and starts air pedaling from some reason, at around 0:13. Now that’s dedication.

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