OK Go music videos, ranked

OK Go make some of the best videos in music.

December 1, 2017

Ever since their 2006 treadmill-centric video for “Here It Goes Again” made them into iconic viral stars alongside the likes of Tay Zonday and the Numa Numa Guy,  OK Go have been cranking out visually-stunning, stunt-heavy music videos to accompany their brand of revved-up power-pop. In honour of their latest, printer-enhanced single “Obsession” from their 2016 release Hungry Ghosts, we ranked the top 10 OK Go music videos.

Eye-catching music videos are easier to pull of with a bit of help, so we’ve included any corporate sponsors where applicable.

10. “Muppet Show Theme Song” (2011)

Current views: 10 million

Corporate sponsor: n/a

This Muppets theme cover only rates so low because including Muppets in your video is pretty much cheating when it comes to your music video’s popularity.

9. “End Love” (2010)

Current views: 13 million

Corporate Sponsor: n/a

Stop-motion music videos are  all well and good, but most bands making one wouldn’t go the distance and film one continuous 18-hour take, like OK Go did here.

8. “The One Moment” (2016)

Current views: 20 million

Corporate sponsor: Morton Salt

Stop-motion, slow motion, what’s the difference? Slowing down 318 separate events that occurred in 4.2 seconds to match a rhythm couldn’t have been easy, but hey, maybe some reality TV show editors helped out.

7. “Obsession” (2017)

Current views: 6.6 million

Corporate sponsor: Double A paper

The Goers’ latest video outing features the help of 567 desktop printers printing off recycled paper to “1mm accuracy,” and all proceeds went to Greenpeace.

6. “I Won’t Let You Down” (2014)

Current views: 36 million

Corporate sponsor: Honda

Filmed in double-time and further sped up during the editing process, this Hungry Ghosts video sees the boys riding on Honda personal transportation devices alongside some 2,300 dancers.

5. “Here It Goes Again” (2006)

Current views: 38 million

Corporate sponsor: Honda

The treadmill choreography that started it all. The original 2006 YouTube video was viewed by over one million people in its first six days, and was viewed over 52 million times before it was removed from the band’s channel, making it the 42nd most viewed YouTube video of all time.

4. “Needing/Getting” (2012)

Current views: 39 million

Corporate sponsor: Chevrolet

Shot over four days and after four months of prep work (including singer Damian Kulash taking the requisite stunt driving lessons), “Needing/Getting” features 1000 custom instruments being played by a car. Also. the video premiering during the Super Bowl XLVI pregame show certainly didn’t hurt its popularity.

3. “White Knuckles” (2010)

Current views: 23 million

Corporate sponsor: n/a

Financed  by the band themselves and (like “Here It Goes Again”, directed by Kulash’s sister Trish Sie) “White Knuckles” saw the band work with 2 trainers, 12 dogs, and one goat over four weeks of choreography, rehearsal, and filming.

2. “This Too Shall Pass (Marching Band)” (2010)

Current views: 11 million

Corporate sponsor: n/a

The Of the Blue Colour of the Sky single got not one, but two music videos, this original one featuring 125 members of the University of Notre Dame’s marching band, who the band enlisted after seeing them perform “Here It Goes Again” at a football game.

1. “This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Machine)” (2010)

Current views: 58 million

Corporate sponsor: State Farm Insurance

Leave it to OK Go to make two videos for the same track, and have both make the top 10. The superior video for “This Too Shall Pass” should satisfy anyone who spent too much time with The Incredible Machine, or who just really loves this Tumblr.

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