Old Man Canyon’s Jett Pace explains every track on his new album, A Grand Facade

“There comes a struggle once someone sees through the smoke, a struggle to continue living your day to day in the same way.”

Cody Briggs
November 16, 2018

It seems unusually fitting that A Grand Facade, the sophomore effort from Vancouver outfit, Old Man Canyon arrives in the company the east coast’s first significant snowfall of the season: what better way to arm yourself against the unforgiving snow than with an album feels devoted to swallowing up (and harnessing) the brilliance of the sun.  

Vocalist Jett Pace’s vocals, seeming recently roused from a daydream, glides along kaleidoscopic synth flourishes that replicate the feeling of attempting to tame flashes of insight into a big idea. To add context to contemplation, we got Jett Pace to break down the inspiration behind every track on the album.  Consider A Grand Facade a necessary elixir warming elixir from Old Man Canyon to fend off  Old Man Winter.  

Good While it Lasted

“This song is a farewell of sorts to an outgrown version of yourself, a person, or a way of thinking. It speaks on the culture of today, and the confusion of what we’re really here to be or do. It’s ultimately the story of liberation that happens in all of us when we choose to finally let go of what holds us back.”

Let You Down

“There are two constant forces repelling us apart, our expectations of ourselves and those of the people around us. Caught in the whirlwind between, we try and find a place to grab on, a place to find silence in the chaos. This tune is about that pressure to make everyone happy, and the vital decision to follow what you feel inside, above anything else.”

No Time to Waste

“Living in a city amongst the constant noise and distractions of our busy world, our focus is pulled in a thousand directions at every turn. To create music I find it super important to get into nature and really listen to what wants to transpire. I think this song was written in a sort of frustrated state when I was in the city. It came from that desperation that arises sometimes to just be left alone and uninterrupted.”

Young Again

“There are many things in this world that present themselves as one thing on the outside but hidden underneath the gold and shiny promises are something very different all together. This song is about the precaution that must be taken when we believe new things and hear new opinions. This track is a satirical story that speaks on the changing times and how through witnessing the upheaval in all areas of our world, the true nature of things is finally revealed.”

Run Away

“This song is a sort of continuation from the previous song. It’s the response to witnessing the lies be exposed. It’s a conversation between someone and their future self, or a version of themselves that’s attained all they wish to be and know. It’s the dialogue inside that tells us to run and abandon everything, instead of being a part of the solution.”

Between the Lines

“There comes a struggle once someone sees through the smoke, a struggle to continue living your day to day in the same way. There have been many throughout history that have been called insane for speaking the truth. I think this song was born out of that process of coming to realizations about the world, and seeing the responsibility we all have within it to act. It’s about that feeling of being seen as crazy for believing in something that everyone else refuses too. I guess, to be alone in the crowd is better then to be apart of it, if it means staying true to yourself.”

For the Taking

“The last song on the album is another satirically written song. It’s about the American dream, or the idea that all things are up for grabs. That everything is here to be exploited and used. I think the song’s theme is captured well in the line, “We’ll be on vacation till it blows by.” It’s the idea that we can always buy our way out of whatever cataclysm occurs. We have a notion that as long as there is somewhere that has blue skies we can just go there.”

A Grand Facade drops today. Check it out below.

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