Paris Hilton is making music again

To be fair, Stars Are Blind was a certified banger. Unfortunately, that was 11 years ago.

July 13, 2017

FADE UP ON: clouds darkening the sky, vultures circling above a desolate field, and Paris Hilton tweeting that she has a new single. Well, at least it’s only a 30-second clip. For now.

Just in case you didn’t think Paris dominated the charts enough already in 2017,  Ms. Hilton is taking another crack at music stardom with “Summer Reigns” after last leaving us all with “Stars Are Blind” back in the much more Hilton-friendly era of 2006. The single is meant to promote her 23rd signature perfume.

Let’s get all get stoked for the Summer of Paris with a look back to the greatest DJing performance of all time. Reminder: she still has an Ibiza residency. “There’s a lot that goes into [DJing] that people don’t realize,” Hilton explained in a recent interview with Page Six. “I trained for six hours a day for six months, every single day training with the best people in the business. I’ve never played the same set twice.” I assume she means, intentionally.

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