How to make the perfect festival schedule

Go with the flow. It's more fun that way.

August 2, 2017
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Festival season is upon us! The flower crowns are in full bloom! Tis the time to soak up some sun like you’re Sheryl Crow and enjoy some of your fav new tunes live alongside other music lovers. But at every fest fans face the same battle: how to see the best bands without missing anything. How do you do it all!?

Not to brag, but we’ve been to many-a festival, which totally makes us festival pros, and luckily for you we’re here to help. In anticipation of Osheaga this weekend, we’ve made a list of hot tips to help you craft the best festival schedule, conflicts be damned! Check it out below!

Do your homework!

First things first: ya gotta know who’s playing, and on what day. Check out the line-up and the schedule. Don’t know a certain act? Dig into it! You don’t wanna sleep on an act like Noname and then hear a track of her’s a month from now—you’ll be kicking yourself that you missed her set, when you easily could have been there. Speaking of sleeping, don’t sleep in! Lot’s of rad acts are scheduled earlier in the day, like Samito, Grace Mitchell and Cherry Glazerr. Not only will you get to catch sweet sounds from the likes of Harrison if you get to the fest early, but you’ll also beat the rush, because who wants to wait in line and miss their new fav? We’d rather be dancing. The early bird gets the worm, and the first to the fest gets to start the party. Bonus? The earlier you get to catch a set, the better a spot you’ll get.

Don’t know where to start? Try Osheaga’s Artist Recommender.

Get Appy

Once you’ve done your festival homework, make yourself a schedule. Most festivals have an app that lets you to make your own personal schedule, and Osheaga is no exception (download it for Android here or iPhone here). Once you’ve added all your favs to your personal schedule, you can get notifications to alert you 15 minutes before their set starts. Short on data? Take a screenshot of your schedule! That way all you have to do is pull up the photo of it to consult.


Need to figure out dinner, but don’t want to miss Maggie Rogers? Get in line to grab food nearby before her set starts and then enjoy her tunes while you eat! What’s better than seeing Broken Social Scene live? Seeing Broken Social Scene live while eating a burrito.

Keep the party going!

Is the festival over for the day, but you still wanna keep going? There’s a bunch of rad official after-parties that are totally worth hitting up. Make sure not to miss out and grab your tickets before they sell out. And trust us, the after parties always sell out. It pays to be prepared!

Go with the flow

Sometimes you just gotta chill, dawg. While we all wish we could teleport and be everywhere at once, life can get in the way. Don’t let stressing about being at the very front for Lorde’s set get in the way of you seeing Justice. Hanging around the back can be just as fun as being squashed up front, plus there’s more space to dance, and it’s easier to hop from stage to stage because you don’t have to tunnel through the crowd. In the end, it’s all about having a good time and discovering new tunes, so let the ~~vibez~~ be your guide. Maybe you’ll miss one act you planned on seeing but end up catching another you’ll end up loving even more. Fly by the seat of your funky pants—it’s more fun that way.

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