PREMIERE: “beforeugogo” music video by Travis is a Tourist

In his new music video, Travis is a Tourist reminds us of the beauty of transitions.

March 30, 2018

A transcontinental voyager in the truest sense, Travis Gilbert, the visionary artist behind the UK act Travis Is A Tourist, splits his time between Paris and Belfast. Following an extensive European tour, Gilbert found beauty in the people and communities he crossed during his travels. To him, the concept of being a tourist is as much a state of mind as it is a physical manifestation of  roaming around the world: “Being a tourist made me sensitive and that sensitivity came flowing out in the form of brash and honest pop songs with words that’ll make you cry and sounds that’ll make you dance.”

Described as “effortlessly flicking through sounds reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac toThe 1975, ” in the music video for his single, “beforeyougo,” the weight and density to the melodies behind Gilbert’s music are comforting rather than isolating. Against the backdrop of hard walls and breathless moments, Gilbert’s smoky vocals accompany a musical atmosphere that’s acutely familiar. Much like rediscovering your favourite sweater in the midst of a big move, or meeting someone new during your travels, “beforeyougo” captures the the beauty of transitions.

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