PREMIERE: “Empathy” by the Sunshine Makers

The Sunshine Makers, comprised of members of The Junction and Yeasayer are here to bring back some warmth to a fleeting summer.

August 17, 2018

Empathy is the ability to understand and share another’s feelings. It also embodies songwriter Brent Jackson’s (The Junction) biggest strength. On his newly released track, his guitar hooks us in, takes us by the hand and walks us over to his vocals which contain heartfelt lyrics that feel like one big, soulful hug.

This is not merely the work of one extraordinary artist, but a gathering of his closest, and most inspiring contemporaries. Ben Fox’s production sets an amazing mood for the track. “Empathy” also features Cale Parks (Aloha, Yeasayer) on drums and Odario Williams (Grand Analog, CBC After Dark) who provides that infectiously groovy bridge. Add on top the mixing of Christian Plata and engineering of Jared Hirshlandand  who worked together on Anderson .Paak’s 2016 masterpiece Malibu, and we’re left with more than a supergroup; we’re left with a factory. A factory that produces beautiful music; sunshine beams instead of smoke.

As each instrument slowly sneaks in joining the others on the track, I’m filled up with a feeling of warmth. First the head bobs, then the shoulders start to roll, and before you know it, I’m in the middle of a sunlit Jimmy’s Coffee in summer swinging my hips while singing along to the infectious debut single from The Sunshine Makers. Right when we fear summer is fleeting the Sunshine Makers step in to bring the warmth right back.

In his own words, Jackson describes his approach to empathy as a collective reminder of our secret weapon when times get tough: “Empathy is something that we all need. We all need to remember to be good to each other, even when it’s hard. It’s easy to get caught up in yourself. It’s easy to turn your back when times are tough. But, that doesn’t do anyone any good. We need empathy love and compassion in these times,” he explains.

No question that with a track as loaded (and fun) as this: “A little empathy will go far, you’ll see.” “Empathy” by the Sunshine Makers is available worldwide on all digital platforms via Flying Colours.

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